"Yep, This is Happening" is the 1st episode of Season 3. And the first episode of "Kirby Buckets Warped", which aired on January 16, 2017


After the cancellion of his show show, his banned on drawing, Kirby discovering a dimensional orb and after losing both their parents, Kirby and Dawn travel to into the portal and find themselves in a world where it's a dystopia world rule by clowns and Brads.


Fish and Belinda plans to throw Kirby a surprise party to cheer him up after the cancellation of his show and his ban on drawing, while at the same time Eli living the big life when he became the star of his new show after 'The Good' was cancelled.


Main cast


  • First episode of 2017.
  • This takes place after "The Good" as it revealed that after Dawn sued Kirby, preventing him from drawing ever again.
  • Last appearance of Macho Taco, Scrunch Face, and Tri-Butt.
  • This marks the first time Dawn beat Kirby and last time she became the series antagonist.
  • As of this season, the series change from a creator interacts with his cartoon creations to a dimensional jumping season.


Kirby Buckets Logo
For a full transcript of Yep, This is Happening, click here.






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