The Unpranked is the sixth episode of Season 3 and the sixth episode of "Kirby Buckets Warped," which aired on January 23, 2017.


It's Prank Williams, Jr. Day again, and after switching the orb with a potato, Kirby, Fish, and Eli began to travel to different dimensions to prank people from different universes (Kirby only wants to prank other Kirbys, however), in which in one dimension Prank Williams, Jr. is alive and pulling pranks on others to maintain his youth by sucking the life force out of his victims.


Principal Mitchell hired Dawn as a Prank Assassin to pull pranks on troublemakers, in exchange to banish Kirby to a different dimension when he learns of Kirby stealing his orb. After Dawn pranked everyone, it is revealed that Principal Mitchell pranked Dawn by him.


Main cast


  • One dimension revealed that Kirby is a baseball player and fan as he has trophies and other baseball equipment.
  • Fish and Eli believe that Kirby is arrogant when he only wants to prank Kirbys and believes he's The Chosen One/"The Unpranked."

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