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Season 3 of Kirby Buckets was confirmed on March 4, 2016. it will contain 13 episodes. Production began on May 23, 2016 and ended on September 7, 2016. This season premiered on January 16, 2017 and had a title change, with the new title being Kirby Buckets Warped.[1]


Having the airing of his new show being cancelled (Due to Dawn suing Kirby for making a character who he designed to make fun of) and forbidden from ever drawing again, Kirby discovered a trans-dimensional orb that can teleport the user to enter the body of an alternate user in another dimensional.


Main cast


  1. 01/16/17 Yep, This Is Happening (301)
  2. 01/17/17 Bad Seed (302)
  3. 01/18/17 Queen for a Dawn (303)
  4. 01/19/17 Forest Hills Blues (304)
  5. 01/20/17 Cool Chad (305)
  6. 01/23/17 The Unpranked (306)
  7. 01/24/17 Commander Kirbo (307)
  8. 01/25/17 Dr. Mac 'n Cheese's Labyrinth of Horrors (308)
  9. 01/26/17 Closing Time (309)
  10. 01/30/17 A Tale of Two Kirbys (310)
  11. 01/31/17 That Sinking Feeling (311)
  12. 02/01/17 Orbed and Dangerous (312)
  13. 02/02/17 Yep, Still Happening (313)


  • This season had a custom title being, Kirby Buckets Warped.
  • The episodes in this season, premiered each day, over 3 weeks.


Kirby Buckets Warped Cool Chad Disney XD02:27

Kirby Buckets Warped Cool Chad Disney XD


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