Scrunch Face
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Scrunch Face





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Dark Brown


Kirby (creator) Tri-Butt Octostache Dr. Gut Punch Dippy the Frog

"Ugh...If my face wasn't always like this, you'd see I'm disgusted!"

Scrunch Face is one of Kirby's drawings. He is a grouchy man with a scrunched up face, hence the name "Scrunch Face"


Scrunch Face usually wears a purple shirt and neck tie with beige colored pants, a belt and brown hair. He is the shortest of the group. His face is oddly squished and crippled, scrunched, for that matter.


Scrunch Face is grumpy and always has something to nag about. He hates about everything, with the possible exception of Kirby. Scrunch Face sometimes speaks in a lisp, either because his face is compressed, it is a habit, or both. He is also sort of rude.


Scrunch Face with Dr.Gut Punch


Kirby Buckets: Scrunch Face behaves to Kirby not as different from everyone else, but not as grouchy. Like the other drawings, Scrunch Face talks to Kirby, whether complaining, or trying to help or give advice.

Tri-Butt: Scrunch Face is usually around Tri-Butt. He doesn't like Tri-Butt's triple butt cheeks, asking Kirby to erase him at one point.

Macho Taco: Scrunch Face and Macho Taco try to prove to Kirby who is his "best work". Macho Taco always sneaks up on him and pins him down to impress Kirby.

Dr.Gut Punch: Scrunch Face often goes to Dr. Gut Punch for "check ups", always resulting with a knuckle-sandwich.

Octostache: Scrunch Face sometimes allows Octostache to carry him with his "moustache powers" when they are running from something.

Dippy the Frog: Scrunch Face is disgusted by Dippy, saying " Ick! Well, I don't want any part of this. No thanks, goodbye!"


  • It is possible that Scrunch Face was "scrunched" by Dr. Gut Punch or Macho Taco.
  • In Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers, Scrunch Face wears a blue shirt instead of purple.
  • Scrunch Face wanted to be in Mac Mcallister's drawing contest for his hit show Big Bald Oaf, like the others.
  • Scrunch Face used to like birds, until he was snatched by a hawk.
  • Tri-Butt smells like pig intestines to him.
  • He is voiced by Josh Faure-Brac.


"Come on, Kirby! Erase him, please!"

"You better think of something or else you'll be doing push ups! And that floor is filthy!"

"I don't like it here. I don't like dust, I don't like smells, and I don't like file cabinets!"

"I like birds!"

"Ugh! I can smell it from here!"

"Ick! Well, I don't want any part of this. No thanks, goodbye!"

"You idiot! You stepped on a tile!"