Kirby Buckets
Portrayed By Jacob Bertrand


Kirbert Buckets





Eye color:


Hair color:



Dawn (big sister)


Eli, Fish, Wild Gil, Dawn (Sometimes) & Belinda



First Appearance:

Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers


Tri-Butt, Scrunch Face, Octostache, Macho Taco, Dr. Gut Punch & Dippy the Frog

Kirbert "Kirby" Buckets is the main character of the series, Kirby Buckets. He's portrayed by Jacob Bertrand


Kirby is a smart 15-year-old boy who is good at drawing and animating. He tends to use his imagination to bring his characters to life and have them interact with the environment. He can be loyal to his friends and sometimes loyal to his big sister even though they don't get along sometimes. He draws on paper, or he uses a graphic tablet, which he can pull out and turn on anytime. Aside from drawing, he also enjoys video games, horror movies, hanging out at the S&P with his friends, Fish and Eli. He also has a good sense of humor and tends to use his animations to make jokes. 

His dream is to become the top animator of his generation. 

Physical Appearance

Kirby is a caucasian boy who is tall, has light brown hair, and has blue eyes. His voice is rather high-pitched and is pretty thin for his age.

His normal attire consists of a t-shirt worn under a dress shirt that can either be long-sleeved or short-sleeved. Kirby's pants consists of khakis, jeans, or shorts worn over red plaid boxers. His socks have been known to have odd patterns and colours, often knee-high socks, similar to Jacob Bertrand's real life clothing choice. He will occasionally wear mismatched shoes.


  • Kirby owns a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and a PlayStation 2 (PS2) in his room.
  • Since the events of Get a Grip, Kirby can draw with his left hand.
  • As revealed in kirby to the max he is ticklish and needed a shield of sandwiches to prevent him laughing

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