Closing Time is the ninth episode of Season 3, and the ninth episode of "Kirby Buckets Warped." It premiered on January 26, 2017.




Main cast


  • The guinea pig problem was never solved.
  • Belinda returned!
  • The squid guy is probably still stuck in Kirby's dimension, seeing as all of the rifts were closed.
  • The orb has been destroyed.
  • The S&P Mini-market has a policy that anyone in uniform gets a free smoothie - except people in hospital ones. Gill said, "They know what they did to us."
  • Dimensional rifts, and how they rip dimensions apart were introduced in this episode. They happen when the orb is used too many times. They can be sealed with the orb one at a time, or all rifts can be sealed at once by supercharging the orb, but the orb gets destroyed in the process.
  • Kirby is revealed to have an extreme obsession with the orb, even if he denied it multiple times.
    • Eli says Kirby always says to him and Fish about "how shiny and awesome [the orb] is and how he's the only one who understands it."
    • Principal Mitchell reveals he had an obsession with the orb as well: "I was a young portal jockey. I was jumping three, four times a day. It got so bad that I couldn't sleep without a glowing portal beside my bed."
  • Principal Mitchell's father also appeared in the wrestling dimension, calling him "Byron."
  • As said by Fish, Principal Mitchell could have just destroyed the orb, but he made Kirby wrestle his obsession. On that, he said, "Mr. Buckets and I just bonded. You cannot put a price on that."
  • Fish and Eli believed in the beginning of the episode that they are "shredded" due to drinking protein shakes, their new obsession.

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